About Us

    • Established in 2007 , TIBA CONTRACTING Co. for low Current Systems,  as normal extension of cooperation between Tiba Contracting Company and 2 STARS Contracting Co. , which began in 2002 , and as a result of the success and increase the volume of work in the field of Low current System, especially in the field of Fire Fighting System of Power transformers For Sub-Stations and Power Plants ., Tiba Contracting Co. for Low Current systems become will known name in the field of electromechanical contracting works . became a renowned name in the field of Electro-mechanical contracting.
      The exceptional efforts of our management staff, combined with the team work of professional engineers and skilled technicians built the foundation that enabled , TIBA to excel and to further prosper throughout our years of operation.
    • Our Mission

      To become the most sought out electro-mechanical organization, specializing in the fields of:

      * Fire Protection.

      * Security .

      * Low Current Systems.

      * Electrical Work

      * Automation

      * Solar Energy

      * Renewable Energy

      Our Policies

      At TIBA , we stresses on three primary factors when conducting business and insuring ongoing success. These factors are the pillars that our company has been built on. They are:

      * Products.

      * Clients.

      * Employees.

      With respect to our products, we promote products: 

      * That provides a genuine advantage in value.
      Whose performance can be guaranteed by us.

      With respect to our clients, we:  

      * Act with dignity and integrity when dealing with clients and potential clients.
      * Value our reputation. Our success precisely comes as a natural result of effectively and responsibly serving the public interest.

      With respect to our employees, we promote:  

      * Self confidence and involvement in the decision making process.
      * Continuous Learning and Creativity.